B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G NEWS: Top Bollywood Actress Dies in an Accident, UK

I recieved this email message today, which, in addition to being much a cause for anguish, made me run around the net a lot. I eventually decided that this was a hoax. Another version of the story appears here on the UJ (Useless Junk) Network.

I wonder what people get out of running this news around. What i did get what that Aishwarya was at the Opening of the Cannes Film Festival, and as usual, was looking STUNNING!

Subject: FW: : B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G NEWS [Top Bollywood Actress
Dies in an Accident, UK] Aish killed in an accident

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Sport Entertainment Talking Point In Depth Audio Video Wednesday, 24 May, 2005,
07:03 GMTBollywood actress killed in crash

 Ashwariya rai a former Miss World was
the top Bollywood Star.

Ashwariya Rai: 1973-2006

 BREAKING NEWS:The Highest Paid Bollywood
Actress Ashwariya Rai, has been killed in a head-on car crash.

 Ms. Rai, 32, from India, was killed in the crash in the, near Firle,
East Sussex.

 She had been at a special screening of her
forth coming bollywood movie at Cannes Film Festival at nearby Drusillas Park
before the fatal

smash involving her blue Renault Megane and a city School
Bus ocuured.

 A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said she
was lifted from the scene by the Sussex Police and taken to Eastbourne District
General Hospital,

where she died from her injuries. Whereas her driver on the other hand died on the

 She was the sole occupant along with her
driver in her car, the spokeswoman said.

 “It was a sheer case of reckless driving”,
spokeswoman further added

 The City School Bus involved in the incident
had three victims with severe head injuries including a monitor (58 yrs old) and
two kids (7yrs old). The rest 32 escaped unharmed.

 Family, Fans and Bollywood ‘devastated’

 Ivyer Llewelyn said: “We are just devastated
because like any car crash it is totally unexpected and sudden.

“You can’t describe it when something like this happens out of the blue. But
Death is unpredictable” a Co-Star present in hospital said.

 “She ate with us every evening when
she was at home. She was so pleased to have been offered the James Bond film and
as an actor she liked to be working, she was such a very active woman.” younger
Sister who was present in the hospital

 Aishwarya Rai won Miss World crown in 1994
due to her beauty, poise and intelligence.

 Besides her achievements in Indian movies,
she was honored by the world famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London as the first Indian
Female in wax.

 Aishwarya Rai was included in the Time magazine’s
list of 100 most powerful people in 2004.

 Aishwarya Rai shared the cover with Chinese
Premier’s Ziyi Zhang on the April issue of Beijing Review.The former Miss World
was also rated as One of the most Beautiful Women on Earth by Times Magazine.She
was currently indulged in doing two Hollywood Movies.The Top bollywood stars have
most number of fan followers in the


Ashwariya Rai had worked in more than 35 bollywood movies

 -BBC Report (Global)

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5 Responses to “B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G NEWS: Top Bollywood Actress Dies in an Accident, UK”

  1. Adnan Siddiqi Says:


    I hope you are Ok and not Upset anymore?;)

  2. psychedhttp://gr8chingari.wordpress.com Says:

    “yaaawwnn* @ ash meeting her death!

    hmm..so finally here! thot id comment on this one…seems like ur some techno blogger seeing all the frills and hi-fi-shi here 🙂

    happy blogging my fellow blogger ! 😛

  3. mAn[S]o0r Says:

    adnan: lol! i calmed down after gettin no hits on “Aishwarya Rai Dies” from google news! dats the first thing i do to verify anything. lol!

    psyched: welcome to my humble blog! i hope your stay here was pleasent. i take it ur not too much of a fan. lol! Actually, i havent determined my edge here, when i started, it was giving posts from everywhere.. but slowly, im narrowing it down. One thing i love to comment about is advertising campaigns in Karachi! lol! which you might’ve noticed.

    P.S. luv readin ur work!

  4. psychedhttp://gr8chingari.wordpress.com Says:

    so i see u got a very active blog here – i had to scroll really down to find this one and chek the reply on my comment. either u make multiple posts everyday – or im just lagging behind real bad.

    thanx for finding my ramblings good readings.

    im also into adverts (see if u can search in my archive for the rexona ad i wrote on when the bill boards first came up) – i wish i cud also just stop in the middle of traffic and take shots like u do. i’ll go thru ur archives when i get extra time off from my hectic work.

    and im really flattered to find meeeself on the blogroll 😀

  5. mAn[S]o0r Says:

    psyched: yea..i try 2 keep it happening up here. didnt know i’d love writing about stuff so much and well.. i’ve got a lot to say ;). I’m upto my hundred posts already (in a mere 4 months) so im pretty excited about that too!

    i’ll definately look up the rexona ad! its fun discussing them and trying to get into the head of the people coming up with them. Im trying to get a shot of this new mobile phone billboard and will be discussing that shortly.

    n taking shots in the middle of traffic is really fun! though now i find that i have to actually plan it. Cuz on my new mobile, the camera doesnt open up instantly.. takes a little time :S the last one i had used to open up in under a second!

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