Blogger hack: Change blogspot ban bypass proxy automatically to go through

Following the footsteps of Pakistan, India has also banned blogspot after the mumbai bombings. This generated in a lot of cross border blogger sympathy as us pakistanis have known what its like to be blocked.

Being of the nature that we are, Pakistani Bloggers sprang up to help out our indian brothers and sisters, with the knowledge of what we’ve gained in the last couple of months. This resulted in a new site being opened, called which allows indian, pakistani and chineese users to bypass the ban on blogspot. It uses the same script as

My previous greasemonkey script for firefox, which automatically changes all links to blogspot to go through pkblogs, was also mentioned and has witnessed increased pageviews. I’ll be publishing an update to that soon, which will make blogspot links to go through

Then, ran into a problem.. it just wouldnt show images embedded in posts.. and would… so now, we have to change all our links to make them go through inblogs….. a daunting and nearly impossible task. So i came up with a new solution. A blogger hack if you will. This script will check which URL was the blog accessed from, and then automatically make it go through the site. Pretty neat no?

Here’s how u do it. Simply copy paste the following two lines just under the <head> tag on your blog template, change the variable ‘cpu_blogname’ to your blog’s name, save and republish your template. Voila! Now, all your images will be displayed as well and every user (no matter where they came from) will go through

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;
  cpu_blogname = ‘wordofmansoor’;

A note: This script will not work if the blog is accessed through in Pakistan, India or China (and other countries where blocking is enabled). It will work if its accessed through either a) b)some other anonymizer

This script is open source, and you can use it, share it, modify it as you wish. Let me know how it works out for you.


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